Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Air Castles (Juan F. Salazar)

My life's tomorrow beckons me
From distant mountains high and low
My future seems a boundless sea
When moving passions come and go.

Deep in my heart Ambition dwells
He cheers me up the highland way
And guides me through the hills and dells
Wherein i pass the busy day.

I cannot write with Shakespeare's pen
But i can write with Shakespeare's heart
I love his skill, his craft of men
His mastery of poet's art.

I do not care for fame as he
Enthroned was he, like unto a God
the depth he reached are dark to me
But i will grope the ways he trod.

I wear achievement's coronet.
For blest are they who see things done
and all my cares i soon forget
When i have wrought my work alone.

If i be met by adverse fate
And all my dreams be but in vain
then i will work harder yet
with high resolve to try again.

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